Choose your private English Teacher in Dubai

What can we say? Dubai is a great city of trade, growth and prosperity. We are always amazed at how Dubai continues break new records and improve itself. The city is truely marching to its own beat. Did you know the population is made up of 84% expatriates of over 200 different nationalities? English is, of course, the language that binds them all together. Dubai has many great opportunities to study English in both institutes and with private English teachers. However, finding a private English teacher in Dubai can be difficult. We aim to make it easier for both English students and English teachers to find each other. Whether you want to study general English, business English, prepare for IELTS or TOEFL, or anything English related, you'll find your teacher on this page. Contact private English teacher in Dubai and get started.

What to look for in a good private English teacher in Dubai

Most importantly, a good Private English teacher will always be on-time and prepared for the lesson, whether it's a group course or a private student. The best private English teachers are career teachers. This means that teaching English is their main professional focus and not just something to keep them busy and bring in some extra cash. The right private English teacher will put the student at the centre of the learning experience and not make the lesson about themselves. Above all else, the best Private English teachers really care about their students' language goals and help them get the most out of their lesson.