Most common questions people ask us!

1Are all private teachers qualified and experienced?
Yes! All teachers listed on are qualified and experienced. We are very careful when choosing the teachers because we want you to be happy.
2Do I have to pay to find a private teacher?
No! It's 100% free to use The only thing you have to do is use the website to choose your favourite teacher and contact them using the form on the teacher's profile.
3How much is the cost of a 1 hour lesson?
The cost of the lessons is decided by the teachers. So you need to contact them to the exact price. But in general, a 1-hour lesson costs between AED150 to AED350 depending on qualifications and experience of the teacher.
4Can private teachers come to my home to teach?
Yes of course, but there might be an extra cost. When you contact your private teacher, make you tell them where you want to have class.